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League Of Women Voters Of Nebraska Opposes Voter ID Bill

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The League of Women Voters of Nebraska supports free, fair and accessible elections for all eligible voters in Nebraska. The League opposes LB 111, which would require a state-issued photo ID ONLY to vote in person at the polls. The ID must be a driver's license or state photo ID issued through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

"At a time when our legislature is facing major reforms of the prison system and health and human services department, LB 111 is an unnecessary solution looking for a problem that does not exist. Instead this bill could negatively impact an estimated 300,000 registered voters in Nebraska, including many over-65, low-income, minority, and disabled citizens, who do not have a current driver's license or other state-issued ID," Miller noted. "Although the state would pay for some ID cards, fees related to supporting documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates amount to a cost prohibitive poll tax for many legally registered voters."

"There would be considerable expense to the state to provide photo IDs to indigent voters, to provide training for all poll workers, to educate the public and county workers. Other states, such as Indiana,
have spent several millions to implement a photo ID law. Legislators should address the real and serious problems of our state instead of allocating funds to address a non-existent problem."

"Elections are the one time that all citizens--rich or poor, young or old, black, white, or Latino--have an equal voice in the democratic process. Legislation like this photo ID bill threatens equal access to the polls and is in direct conflict with our state constitution, which states that Nebraskans shall have the right to vote free of hindrance or impediment (Article I-22)," added Miller.