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Letter: Don't Get Caught by Surprise - Note These Voter Deadlines

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The June 2 primary election may seem far in the future, but to be sure readers are ready to vote as they choose, I hope they will review the following procedures and deadlines. Forms can be downloaded from the League of Women Voters' website (, and click on whatever form is needed).

In New Jersey, only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to vote in a primary election and then only for candidates in their own party. Voters who are now registered as unaffiliated may declare themselves either a Democrat or a Republican at the polls. They will then be allowed to vote. If they wish to change their party affiliation -- from Democrat to Republican or vice-versa, or to become unaffiliated so they can declare their party at the time of the election -- they must submit a Party Affiliation Declaration Form by April 8.

May 12 is the deadline to register to vote in the primary election or to file a new name or address if either has changed since the November 2014 election. For high school seniors who have turned 18, the primary will be their first chance to vote!

May 26 is the deadline to apply to vote by mail -- for voters whether will be away on June 2 or simply don't want to go to the polls or perhaps cannot get there. By applying early, residents can have their ballot sent wherever it's convenient for them. 

I urge citizens to be prepared and to please remember to vote.

-- Chrystal Schivell,
The writer is voter service chairwoman for the League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area