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Letter: League of Women Voters of Westchester offers Voters Guide

This article originally appeared in Iohud.

The League of Women Voters of Westchester wants everyone to be aware of, our online Voters Guide, which gives political candidates in Westchester County an opportunity to present biographical information and views on important issues to the public at no cost to them. Our also provides information voters need such as their polling place, how to get there, and, if they wish, a personalized printed ballot.

Candidates for public office should not have to raise enormous amounts of money in order to get their messages across, nor should candidates be beholden to large contributors. We think voters should have easy access to accurate information on candidates for public office.

Mailings have gone out to all the candidates explaining how they can put their information into If voters don't find responses from the candidates on their ballot in, they can call the campaign and ask why the candidate has not provided this information. Even those running unopposed should give their constituents the information about themselves. For any questions, call the League office at 914-949-0507.

In addition to the web site, the League continues to print a voters guide based on candidates' entries to The guide is distributed at local libraries and other public places or through the League office.

Marianna Stout and Marylou Green


The writers are voter service chair and president of the League of Women Voters of Westchester.