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Restore Limits on Power Plant Pollution

This article originally appeared in the Baltimore Sun.   Why has Gov. Larry Hogan blocked the regulations to reduce power plant emissions agreed upon with the industry and the Maryland Department of the Environment ("Hogan moves quickly to block controversial environmental regulations,"Jan. 21)? Pollution from coal burning power plants endangers the health of Maryland people, especially children.

Hospital emergency room personnel know — the frequent visits from asthmatic children are fewer when the power plants are shut off. An estimated 11.9 percent of Maryland children suffer from asthma, much of which is traceable to polluted air. Maryland is fourth in the nation for adult asthma. Other health problems, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, are exacerbated by polluted air.


Pollution from power plant emissions adds to the nitrogen pollution of the Chesapeake Bay as it settles from the air into the water. These are just a few of the widespread deleterious effects of not keeping power plant emissions to the very minimum. Please restore these well-considered regulations that could be so helpful to our people.

Susan W. Cochran, Annapolis