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SC election officials encouraging voter registration now

This news segment originally aired on WCSC.

The South Carolina State Election Commission is urging those who are eligible to vote but have not yet registered to do so during National Voter Registration Month.

South Carolina residents who are 18 and have a valid ID can register. Commission officials say there are more than 200 local elections scheduled across the state for this year’s Nov. 7 election.

The South Carolina State Election Commission wants people to participate in local and state elections coming up later this fall. Voters who are already registered to vote should make sure their address is correct if they have recently moved.

League of Women Voters of South Carolina President Nancy Williams says leaders elected in local races often make decisions or policies that affect Lowcountry residents more than those in national races.

“These are typically non-partisan races that are going to affect things dealing with our roads, our garbage collection maybe, our environment, and education of our children,” Williams said. “So, these are really critical issues that are very close to home.”

Those who are not yet registered to vote can do so in person at your county’s election office, by mail or online at

“Maybe they think one person doesn’t make a difference. But turnout in these elections tends to be relatively low compared to a national presidential election and so, obviously the more people that are voting, why the better our local government reflects the will of the people,” Williams said.

September is National Voter Registration Month. Charleston County election officials say the last day to be able to register to vote in municipal elections is Oct. 8.

This story originally aired on WCSC. Watch the segment below: