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Administration’s Action to Bypass the Supreme Court’s Ruling is a Threat to Democracy 

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Highest Court Decision to Exclude Citizenship Question Must Be Protected 

WASHINGTON – Ahead of an expected White House announcement Thursday, the League of Women Voters board president Chris Carson and CEO Virginia Kase issued the following joint statement: 

"When the President of the United States ignores the constitutional authorities of co-equal branches of government—whether Congress or the courts—it is an abuse of our democracy.   

"Last month, the Supreme Court rejected this administration’s reason for including a citizenship question on the Census. That should have been the end of this battle, but this administration regularly rejects governmental checks and balances, and now they are pushing the judicial boundaries by rejecting the decision of the Supreme Court.  

"Printing of the Census forms without the question has already begun. To throw them out and start over is a waste of taxpayer money for an unnecessary question that has no place on the Census.   

"We need to call this executive action what it is: a xenophobic attempt to decrease Census participation among immigrant communities in America. The League of Women Voters stands ready to fight to ensure every living person in our great country is counted in the 2020 Census and that the process is done in a way that affords dignity and respect for all."


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