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The “American Health Care Act” Is Un-American

LWV Opposes Ryan Healthcare Repeal Bill


Washington, DC – Chris Carson, President of the League of Women Voters of the United States, issued the following statement on the House Leadership’s proposed “American Health Care Act.”


The “American Health Care Act” was developed in secret and is now being rushed to passage by Speaker Ryan and the House leadership.  This legislation will rip apart our health care and revoke coverage for millions of Americans while raising costs for millions more. 

The American Health Care Act is un-American.  It fails to reflect the American values of fairness, community, and concern for all.  The fact that it is being rushed to passage demonstrates the legislation can’t withstand careful consideration and the full debate that is essential in a democracy like ours.  It is simply irresponsible to vote on the legislation without knowing the cost to tax payers.

The House Leadership’s bill threatens the essential care that women need.   It significantly cuts coverage for women and no longer assures that women cannot be charged for more than men for healthcare.  The bill will increase costs for seniors and those with pre-existing conditions, while slashing assistance for lower-income households in obtaining coverage.

It is unacceptable that the legislation not only attacks Medicaid expansion but also sets the Medicaid program on the road to extinction.

The only real winners under this new legislation are the special interests and the wealthiest Americans.  Hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks are included in this legislation for the wealthy and the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

The American Health Care Act would mean fewer people covered, weaker protections and higher costs for Americans.

While the Affordable Care Act is not perfect, it has successfully provided health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans who previously went without.  The ACA resulted in significant improvements in people's health and their sense of well-being.   This proposed replacement -- the American Health Care Act -- is a huge step in the wrong direction and will result in more death and disease for the American people.