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Election Day 2016: Know Before You Vote

League’s Provides More Voter Information than Any Other Resource


WASHINGTON, DC – Today millions of Americans will cast their votes for offices across the country. Before voters head to the polls, they can find all the election information they need at

The League of Women Voters is proud to provide this nonpartisan "one-stop-shop" for all election related material. Voters can confirm their polling location, check if ID is required, and see what their personal ballot will look like. has information on nearly 45,000 candidates in approximately 24,000 races nationwide.

“Election Day is a time to celebrate our democracy by coming together as Americans and exercising our right to vote,” said Chris Carson, president of the League of Women Voters of the United States. “The League hopes all eligible voters will stand up for what matters most in their communities and their lives by casting their ballots in this election.”

By entering your home address on, voters can learn about offices and ballot questions they will be voting on, and compare candidate responses to League questions.

If you see any problems at the polls, report them to Election Protection at 866-OUR-VOTE, and to your local officials.

“Voting is the one time when we are all equal,” said Carson. “Early voting turnout has been impressive but we still expect long lines today. We urge voters to be patient and to stay in line to cast your vote.”

Voters who are in line when the polls close ARE allowed to vote and the polls MUST stay open to let all eligible voters in line cast their ballots.

Voters should know they can NOT vote by text message. All voters must complete a ballot either in person or by mail. Voters can check for more details about returning mail-in ballots.

The League of Women Voters is working in more than 700 communities, in every state, to help eligible Americans get ready to vote. Voting brings us together as Americans and Election Day is the one time we are all equal.


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