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Lawsuit to Protect Voters in Arizona from Intimidation at Drop Boxes is Settled

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In October 2022, the League of Women Voters of Arizona (LWVAZ) brought a lawsuit to protect voters from intimidation at ballot drop boxes in Arizona. A federal court found that defendants Melody Jennings and her organization (then known as Clean Elections USA)—as well as individuals working with the defendants—had likely violated voter intimidation laws when they engaged in surveillance and harassment of voters at ballot drop boxes during the 2022 election. The Court ordered them to immediately halt intimidating conduct. 

The parties have now settled the case. In so doing, the League and Ms. Jennings agreed to publicly condemn intimidation of any kind in connection with the exercise of the right to vote. The terms and obligations of the settlement are confidential. 

“This litigation has been essential to protect the voters of Arizona, who have the right to cast their ballots free from intimidation, threats, or coercion,” said Pinny Sheoran, President of the League of Women Voters of Arizona. “The League of Women Voters of Arizona is proud to have challenged activities that were intimidating voters, and we will continue to defend our democracy against anyone who would interfere with the right to vote.” 

“Protect Democracy is honored to represent the League of Women Voters of Arizona in this litigation,” said Orion Danjuma, Counsel at Protect Democracy. “The court’s order in October recognized the importance of ensuring that voters can cast their ballots without fear, and that courts will step in to stop unlawful voter intimidation. This litigation is an important victory for voters’ rights and its resolution will help protect voters from intimidation in the future.”

“There’s no place for voter intimidation of any kind in our democracy,” said Caren Short, Director of Legal & Research at the League of Women Voters of the United States. “We are thrilled that this case has been resolved and will continue our work to protect voters. The League of Women Voters is committed to standing up for voters in the courts to ensure safe and equal access to the ballot.”   

For more information about this lawsuit and the League's litigation, visit our Legal Center. To learn more about this case, visit here.

Visit Protect Democracy’s website, which is updated regularly and includes case documentslike the filed complaint, the Court’s order halting Defendants’ harassment and intimidation of voters at drop boxes, and the United States statement of interest—as well as press coverage of the case.



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