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League Celebrates Redistricting Win for North Carolina Voters

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Panel Declares Wake County House District in Violation of the State Constitution

RALEIGH – Today a three-judge panel ruled that four Wake County House Districts violated the North Carolina Constitution and ordered the district maps redrawn in the next legislative session.

“This is a win for voters in Wake County, who have the power on Tuesday to elect the very officials who will be responsible for redrawing the maps next year,” said Janet Hoy, President of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina.

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina is an organizational plaintiff along with the North Carolina NAACP, other civic groups and several individual Wake County residents who sued the state legislature earlier this year. The Southern Coalition for Social Justice represented the NAACP and the League in this case.

“We are pleased that new fair maps will now be created in time for the 2020 primary season,” said Hoy. “Right now, we are focused on making sure North Carolina voters have the information they need to participate in Tuesday’s midterm election.”

For Election Day information or to see what candidates and issues will be on the ballot Tuesday, voters can go to for all of their election needs.

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