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League of Women Voters Co-hosts Major Voter Registration Event


SEPTEMBER 20, 2013   

Celebrate National Voter Registration Day in Bryant Park (9/24)

America Ferrera, actor, activist, and Voto Latino representative, League of Women Voters, CUNY, JASA, NALEO, NYC Board of Elections, New York Organ Donor Network, Rock the Vote, and Voto Latino host major voter registration event

WHAT: National Voter Registration Day Registration Drive

On September 24, 2013, Americans will celebrate National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) with a massive 50-state effort to register voters before Election Day 2013. Several groups will come together for a major voter registration event in Bryant Park from 11am-3pm to offer voter registration and provide information about the voting process as well as a raffle off a variety of prizes.  vote-themed giveaways and raffles 

WHERE: Bryant Park, Upper Terrace, New York, New York

WHEN: September 24, 2013 11:00 AM- 3:00 PM

Reporters and media should arrive no later than 12:45 to set up for 1:00 PM rally, photo ops and expert interview opportunities.


  • America Ferrera, actor, activist, and Voto Latino representative
  • Elisabeth MacNamara, National President, League of Women Voters
  • Jay Hershenson, Senior Vice Chancellor of CUNY
  • Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the NYC Board of Elections

Sponsors of this event include the League of Women Voters of the city of New York, City University of New York (CUNY), Jewish Association Serving the Aging (JASA), National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund, New York City Board of Elections, New York Organ Donor Network, Rock the Vote, and Voto Latino. 

WHY: With fewer than one in five eligible New Yorkers casting a ballot in the last Mayoral election, this year’s National Voter Registration Day event in Bryant Park is intended to maximize voter turnout in the 2013 city-wide election, and to emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy democracy by exercising the right to vote in every election. This year millions of Americans will vote in important elections this November. Nationwide, more than 5,000 races and ballot initiatives will be decided this year. These races are about jobs, economic security, the environment, health care and our communities. National Voter Registration Day is the perfect time to register for the first time, update your voter registration if you have moved, or ask your friends and family to make sure they’re registered.

CONTACT: Ashton Stewart, NYC League of Women Voters, and by phone 212-725-3541.

Your vote is your voice! Join us on September 24th to make sure every New Yorker’s voice is heard this November!


The League of Women Voters of the City of New York is a nonpartisan organization whose purpose is to promote informed and active participation in government.  It neither supports nor opposes candidates or political parties.

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