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League of Women Voters Responds to the Passage of SB1 Voter Law 

Press Release / Last Updated:

MONTGOMERY— The League of Women Voters of Alabama released the following statement after Governor Ivey signed SB1, a law that makes it a felony to assist in the distribution, filling out, delivering, and ordering of absentee ballot applications in Alabama:

“Voters deserve equal and fair access to the ballot, including the option to vote by absentee ballot, and many Alabama voters with disabilities rely on the help of neighbors and voter assistance organizations to successfully cast their absentee ballot.

"SB1 and bills like it are just another form of voter suppression that do nothing to protect the 'integrity' of our elections but do a great deal to make it harder for voters with disabilities to cast their ballot.

"Voter assistance is not a crime and should not be treated as such. The League of Women Voters of Alabama believes the state should be making it easier for people to vote, especially people with disabilities, and we will continue to fight unjust laws like SB1.”


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