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LWV of Alabama Responds to US Supreme Court Decision Restoring Ban on Curbside Voting

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WASHINGTON—Late Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision granting a stay in People First of Alabama v. Merrill, allowing Alabama to restore its ban on curbside voting. The League of Women Voters of Alabama filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs. Barbara Caddell, the president of the League of Women Voters of Alabama issued this statement in response to the Court’s decision: 

“With no ballot drop boxes, limited absentee voting, a two-witness absentee ballot requirement, and very limited early voting, Alabama makes voting more difficult than it should be. Curbside voting would have been a simple way to make voting more accessible for our most vulnerable voters. Alabama voters have endured so much back and forth on our voting laws for months, and many had already intended to rely on curbside voting for this election. 

“The Court’s decision is deeply disappointing as senior voters and voters with disabilities plan to head to the polls during a deadly pandemic. Alabama’s ban on curbside voting erects yet another needless barrier to fair, safe voting access less than two weeks before Election Day. 

“Voters are ready and eager to make their voices heard in this election, and the League will continue to do everything we can to empower them to do so.” 


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