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League of Women Voters Responds to Senate Vote on DC Criminal Code

Press Release / Last Updated:

WASHINGTON — Today, League of Women Voters of the United States CEO Virginia Kase Solomón issued the following statement after the Senate voted 81-14 to block DC's criminal code overhaul:  

"Today’s vote in the Senate is a step back for our democracy and the people of Washington, DC. Instead of advancing bills to empower the American people, Congress has chosen to disenfranchise the over 700,000 people living in Washington, DC.  

"For far too long, DC residents have had to watch the US Congress meddle in their affairs. With just one non-voting delegate to the House and no voice in the Senate, residents of DC are denied representation, all the while, paying their fair share in taxes.  

"DC should be afforded the same rights of self-government and full voting representation in Congress as all other citizens of this country. The residents of DC are mostly people of color, and the denial of full autonomy to this majority-minority district is a racial justice issue.  

"We believe DC statehood is critical to our democracy, and support for DC statehood means allowing the people of DC to be fully represented and to have their voices heard. It’s time now for Congress to grant statehood to DC, not make arbitrary decisions to overhaul local decisions by the DC Council. We stand with the residents of Washington, DC, in their quest for statehood, as we continue to advocate for all American voters, regardless of zip code."


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