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League of Women Voters Statement on Reports of ICE Human Rights Abuses

Press Release / Last Updated:

WASHINGTON—League of Women Voters board president, Dr. Deborah Turner, issued this statement in response to reports of human rights abuses against immigrants held in ICE detention centers, including forced hysterectomies and unsafe practices that promote the spread of COVID-19: 

"If the egregious whistle blower reports about a for-profit ICE detention facility are proven true, they are pure, indisputable human rights violations. Every person in our country, regardless of their legal status, has the right to adequate protection from deadly diseases as well as complete and honest informed consent prior to any medical procedure, including something as simple as a blood draw.   

"The League supports the immigrant rights organizations who have filed lawsuits around these allegations and who have been relentless in their pursuit of justice and fair treatment for detained immigrants. We also acknowledge the whistle blower who bravely spoke out to shine a light on these alleged abuses. 

"Everyone who sets foot on American soil must be treated fairly and with respect. Any documented abuses must cease immediately, and the perpetrators must be held accountable." 


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