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LWV Expands Calls for Filibuster Reform: ‘It is time to fix or nix the filibuster to save our right to vote'

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WASHINGTON – This week, the board of directors of the League of Women Voters of the United States voted unanimously to support filibuster reform, and as necessary, elimination of the filibuster. LWVUS board president Dr. Deborah Ann Turner issued the following statement:  

“For far too long an archaic rule has prevented the US Senate from fully functioning and has allowed a minority of senators to block action of the majority. This roadblock runs counter to the heart of our democracy and the will of the people who voted for senators to represent their interests and uphold our democracy.  

“Our democracy faces the challenge of our lifetime. We are at a crossroads with anti-voting laws sweeping the nation and threatening our freedom to vote. We need Congress to take bold action and pass the Freedom to Vote Act now. We cannot wait for another election to pass us by.  

“The League has a history of calling for filibuster reform to ensure a functioning democracy. Today, we take our stance a step further and support the elimination of the filibuster.  

“The filibuster is a relic of the Jim Crow era. It has a long history of use to defend slavery, preserve segregation, and block civil rights. It is time to amend the filibuster to ensure our government can govern for the people. 

“It is time to fix or nix the filibuster to save our right to vote.”  


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