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Obama Commits to Improve Voting, Expand Participation

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League Calls on President Obama to Expand Voter Registration through Health Benefit Exchanges

The following is a statement by Elisabeth MacNamara, president of the League of Women Voters of the U.S.:

“We are excited that President Obama is ready to commit the remaining year of his presidency to support reforms that make voting easier.

“It is long past time to have a democracy that is truly representative of all voters. Imagine what would happen if every eligible citizen showed up at the polls. Imagine what would happen if candidates had to be more responsive to the people they represent than to the donors who fund their campaigns.

“Imagine how campaigns would be different. Imagine how governing would be different. Imagine how empowering that would be.

“If Americans don’t exercise their vote — their voice, someone else will be only too happy to speak in their stead.

"It is essential to fix the redistricting process so voters can truly choose their representatives instead of politicians choosing their voters.

“As the President said, this is our collective mission. We must roll up our sleeves, size up the situation and get to work. Online voter registration for all, expanded early voting and same day registration are changes that will make our political systems free, fair and accessible for all eligible voters. But that is not all.

"We call on the President to offer voter registration at health care exchanges as required by current law. He can expand voter registration simply by observing and enforcing the National Voter Registration Act.

"The League is pleased to have the power of the presidency behind reforms that lower barriers to voters and help us work toward a more perfect democracy. We stand ready to work with the President to move pivotal election reforms forward for all.”



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