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Obama / Jackson Mercury Rule Is A Big Win For Public Health

League Applauds Decision to Protect People, Not Polluters

Washington, DC - The League of Women Voters of the United States praised the Obama Administration's tough new rules regulating mercury and air toxic pollutants from power plants released earlier today.

“It’s about time.  After decades of delay the Obama Administration deserves credit for finally limiting mercury from power plants,” said Elisabeth MacNamara, president of the national League of Women Voters.  “This is about protecting people’s lives,” she said.

“The decision announced today by the EPA to set strict standards on mercury and other toxics from power plants is the most important public health decision from this Administration thus far.  Limiting mercury and air toxics will save thousands of lives and help those with asthma and bronchitis breathe easier.   Mercury particularly harms children, including effects on IQ, learning, and memory,” she said.

“Today, we are glad the Obama Administration, led by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, got tough with polluters and stood firm behind the public's health," said MacNamara.

“Public opinion is clear - voters want the EPA to hold corporate polluters responsible for dirty air and threats to public health.  The science is clear - new clean air standards are essential to protect people's health.  The League of Women Voters is pleased that the Obama Administration has chosen the health of children and families instead of giving in to the lobbying of big polluters, coal companies and power plants,” according to MacNamara.