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Census data needed to draw maps has been released and map drawing is beginning. The time is now for the public to get involved!

LWVUS with over 100 organizations urges Senators to cosponsor the bipartisan 2020 Census Deadline Extensions Act to extend the deadlines for delivering apportionment and redistricting data

LWVUS joined a statement by Advancing Justice, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and National Conference on Citizenship to warn inappropriate data for redistricting.

Stipulated dismissal guarantees Census Bureau will not release rushed apportionment numbers, will not provide states with data to exclude noncitizens from redistricting, and will continue to provide key analysis and information to plaintiffs and the public about the quality of the partially shortened count under the Trump administration.

To create more equitable maps, we recommend that states prioritize transparency and implement ethics rules to protect the integrity of commissions and hold politicians accountable for acting in the interest of the people. 

LWV of the United States filed a friend of the court brief in Ohio v. Coggins, a suit brought by the state of Ohio and Ohio’s secretary of state to rush the delivery of census data for congressional district apportionment.

LWV joined other census and redistricting champions in calling for the recission of EO 13380, which mandated the Census Bureau creation of a block-level citizenship database.

LWVUS is urging Congress to extend the statutory reporting deadlines that the U.S. Census must follow when sending apportionment numbers to the President and sending redistricting data to the states. 

This case involves the question of whether the President can exclude undocumented immigrants from the state-population totals from the 2020 Census that are used for apportionment. 

LWV of the United States and the Leagues of California, Florida, and Texas filed an amicus brief in New York v. Trump, a case which challenges President Trump’s executive order to block undocumented individuals from being counted in the U.S. Census.