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5 Ways to Defend Democracy in 5 Minutes

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Our democracy has been challenged in the past few years. 

There have been incredible gains, many propelled by the actions of everyday Americans within their communities. We have seen record numbers of voters in the 2020 election, the most racially diverse presidential Cabinet in American history, and a House vote to eliminate the ratification deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment

We have also seen serious threats to the very promise of democracy. Most of us know that in 2021, over 400 bills restricting access to the vote were proposed in 49 states. As we engaged in our first redistricting process in a decade, politicians gerrymandered district lines to keep power within their own hands rather than the hands of their constituents. And on January 6, 2020, our nation experienced an act of unprecedented domestic terrorism aimed at discrediting the results of a fair and free election. 

Our nation is at a crucial turning point; how we proceed will determine whether our democracy survives. Our system of government is fractured, but the people's will is strong. We don’t have a reputation for backing down and will not give up now. Quite the opposite. 

Just as our advocacy led, directly or indirectly, to all the gains mentioned above, our actions can save our democracy in this pivotal moment. 

Below are a few simple actions to stand up for a more equal, accessible, and stronger United States. 

1. Contact Your Government 

Make sure your representatives know exactly where you stand on issues like voter rights, DC statehood, women's equality, and more. We've built several easy forms on our Take Action page so you can demand bipartisan cooperation on voting rights, stand against voter discrimination, and more.

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2. Check Your Voter Registration Status 

Are You Registered to Vote? VOTE411

The last thing you want is to show up to the polls and find out you aren't registered like you thought you were. Play it safe and confirm your registration using our online election tool, VOTE411. While there, you can check out upcoming local, state, and federal election dates for your community and learn about the candidates competing for your vote. And tell your family and friends to check their registration, too! 

3. Sign Up to Be a Poll Worker 

We rely on poll workers to ensure our elections proceed safely and efficiently. By volunteering, you'll look at how our democracy functions while helping your community make its voice heard. Learn more about becoming a poll worker

4. Empower Your Community Through Your Local League 

Four women posing in front of an LWV banner

The health of your community depends on your involvement in local politics. Whether you are speaking up on education, emergency services, health care, or any other issue, make sure your needs are heard so local politicians know what to prioritize. Get involved with local politics by supporting or joining your Local League. 

5. Learn About Redistricting in Your State 

Redistricting, the creation of district maps, determines how you and your neighbors are represented for the next decade. Will your community's voice be heard, or will gerrymandering suppress people's needs based on race or political party? 

Learn about redistricting in your community by checking with your state League.

America is counting on us! We will win! 

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