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Choose Your Spooky Voting Adventure & We’ll Tell You Which Classic Monster You Are

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A local election is coming up. What do you do? 

a. Lurk in the corner of a dark room, whispering registration reminders to your loved ones when they least expect it 

b. Fly in your absentee ballot request so you can vote without venturing out in daylight 

c. Brew a gratitude potion (1 sprig holly, 2 tsps essence of voter empowerment, 4 tears of a bold yet true spider) to send to your local election workers 

d. Tell everyone that they shouldn’t vote because local elections aren’t a big deal 

You’ve volunteered be an election worker. How do you help voters? (Note: polling places may not allow similar efforts) 

a. Rattle the roof in celebration whenever someone casts their ballot, then sweep them back home on a cool gust of wind 

b. Put your minions to work counting every vote by claw 

c. Cast a memory charm so everyone remembers their voting plan 

d. Offer limited voting hours so fewer people can cast their votes 

You’re reviewing where your candidates stand on the major issues. Which matters most to you? 

a. Education: book banning and other efforts to erase the past concern you 

b. Roads and Transportation: whether by doomed ship or lowly horse and buggy, people have had a very difficult time getting to your castle recently and you are not happy about it 

c. Equal rights: you’ve had your own experiences with persecution and will not stand by and watch it happen to others! 

d. Gerrymandering: You’re a big fan of bad-faith actors who unfairly disempower certain communities 

It’s time to head to the polls. What do you take with you? 

a. An aura of hope (replacing your usual aura of dread) 

b. Several of your loyal followers. It’s important that everyone makes their voice heard 

c. The beloved, cursed locket holding photos of two mysterious, wide-eyed children that your mother gave you the first time you voted together in 1922 

d. A series of confusing rules and requirements designed to discourage voters 


You’ve voted! What now? 

a. Lurk in the back of the eerie pub down the lane, carefully watching the election results 

b. Host a grand soiree to celebrate by candlelight 

c. Ask your familiars to monitor the vote curing process so you can make sure your vote is counted 

d. Post misinformation online 


Mostly A’s: Savvy Spirit

You’re ready to make yourself known even when others don’t quite see you. You care deeply about how our past informs our future and advocate for truth telling, even when those truths are haunting. The ways you express yourself are unique, but that’s okay. You know your hushed, foreboding, and strangely childlike voice matters. 

Mostly B’s: Visionary Vampire 

You’re a natural leader with a great sense of style. You know that when your community is stronger and more empowered, so you are you. And that’s what democracy is all about, right? Power. Centuries and centuries of power…in the hands of the people, of course… 

Mostly C’s: Wise Witch 

You’re sharp, creative, and independent. This has turned bad actors against you over the years, but it’s also taught you the importance of self-care and advocating for others. There’s little you can’t accomplish, especially when you work together with your coven. Speaking of (witch) which, have you considered joining your local League

Mostly D’s: Voter Suppression 

The scariest monster of all. You love making it hard for people to make their voices heard, whether it’s through discriminatory voter ID laws, limited polling hours and locations, illegal voting purges, or other forms of suppression. You’re not a huge fan of the League, and we’re not super crazy about you. But it’s never too late to change your ways. Maybe this year you’ll see the light?  

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