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Months Before General Election Day, League Sees Spike in Voter Interest

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With months to go before the much-anticipated November General Election, the League of Women Voters is already seeing unprecedented levels of interest from Americans seeking out the information they need to vote.

On May 8 alone, nearly 45,000 Americans visited the League’s voter information website,, to find information about who was on their ballot, where and when to vote, and what to bring with them to the polls. All told, the League anticipates serving more than 2 million Americans through this year.

Yesterday, voters headed to the polls in states such as Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia. In addition to casting votes in pivotal primary elections, voters in Ohio overwhelmingly approved a citizens’ initiative to put the power of democracy back in the hands of voters by ensuring a bipartisan redistricting process. This is just one of many critical issues voters will weigh in on throughout the year. The League is a proud leader of the decades long movement to reform redistricting practices, and is leading the charge for other high profile ballot initiatives including a massively popular movement in Florida to restore the voting rights of people with past criminal convictions.

Through November,, powered by the on-the-ground efforts of thousands of League volunteers nationwide, will provide unprecedented levels of ballot and voting information to voters who need it. Every single voter in America will be able to find basic information about who is on their ballot and how to prepare for Election Day, ensuring all Americans have an opportunity to participate in these pivotal elections.

Want to help? Ask your friends and family if their voter registration is up to date, consider volunteering with your local League, and share with your networks. 

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