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Thank You for Making Democracy Work

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Yesterday, millions of voters across the country took control in their communities by casting their votes in thousands of state and local elections. If you voted this year or helped others in your community cast their votes, thank you! Due to your participation, many new leaders are preparing for their positions and taking into account your vote and the issues you and millions of Americans weighed in on.

This year, League volunteers registered thousands of new voters and helped hundreds of thousands of voters prepare for the elections in their communities. We hope to build upon this year’s successes and do even more to succeed in Making Democracy Work® in the future. Help us continue to provide voters with the election information they need.

While Election Day 2015 has passed, there’s no time to rest – next year’s presidential campaign is already in full swing with numerous debates already having occurred, and with primaries and caucuses set to start in early 2016. Today, League volunteers are already busy reflecting back on their efforts this year in order to be even more successful next year. With your help, League volunteers will register more new voters, provide more nonpartisan information on the candidates through millions of printed and online voters’ guides, and host more debates and forums, as well as serve as poll workers, poll monitors and, in some cases, drivers helping voters get to the polls. Help us get a jump start on our work in 2016 – support the League and

After 95 years of Making Democracy Work®, the League continues to build on its legacy of empowering people across the country to make their voices heard in the political process and to keep the power of our democracy in the hands of people by arming voters with the information they need. Your support helps the League keep online and available to millions of voters across the country.

Now that you’ve weighed in with your vote, make sure to hold your elected officials accountable by continuing to be in regular contact with them on the issues you care about.

Thanks again for everything you did in Making Democracy Work® this election cycle. We couldn’t do what we do without supporters like you.

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