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TikToks to Get Out the Vote

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There are a million ways to get-out-the-vote (GOTV), and when it comes to reaching new voters, one of the best methods is via the incredibly popular video app, TikTok! We've compiled a few of our favorite videos you can share, plus tips to create your own post.

TikToks to Share


@lwvus Morning routine: Make a voting plan on VOTE411 for primary elections ✔️ #VOTE411 #VoteReady #PrimaryElection ♬ original sound - League of Women Voters

Show your loved ones how easy it is to get informed using our free, nonpartisan voting resource, VOTE411. 

At VOTE411, you can:

  • Register to vote or check your voter registration;
  • Read guides to your local and state candidates;
  • Find your polling place;
  • Check election rules for your area;
  • Learn what's on your ballot;
  • Discover your election and voter registration deadlines;
  • Get a first-time and/or healthy voter guide;
  • and more!

Visit VOTE411

@lwvus This is your friendly reminder to register to vote! 🗳✅ #VoteReady #RegisterToVote #midterms2022 ♬ original sound - AnxietyGangOfficial

We love this playful reminder that voter registration is a big deal (and the lack of it is a dealbreaker). All areas of our lives are impacted by voting, from our access to education to the quality of our roads to the success of local businesses. Everyone should be registered to vote so they can make their voice heard!

This video keeps it simple: your vote is your voice!

We'd love to see you create a similar video with your friends. On that note...

Create Your Own GOTV TikTok

Your community will be that much more compelled by hearing from you directly! Consider filming your own TikTok using these quick and easy tips:

  1. Learn how to make a video
  2. Talk about WHY you vote. Are you trying to heal the environment? Preserve the right to reproductive choice? Elect leaders who fight for racial justice? Let your audience know!
  3. Tag friends and ask their voting plans so they're inspired to take action
  4. Encourage people to visit
  5. Use trends that you find fun! If you enjoy a certain TikTok trend, like a sound or a dance, your audience probably will too
  6. Tag @LWVUS!

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