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Why I’m an early voter

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Like many Americans, I never know where I’ll be on Election Day. What if I have to travel for work? What if the baby is sick and I can’t make it to the polls? What if I get stuck at the office late and the lines are super long?

That’s why I ALWAYS vote early.

This morning I walked into my polling place and cast my ballot for the midterm elections. It was so easy! I already did the research on, so I knew which candidates I would have to choose from. I even spent some time over the weekend reading their positions on the issues and comparing their answers to nonpartisan questions such as, "What policies would you support to improve the economic prosperity of our city?"

As I entered the polling place, I felt proud to be participating in our democracy today. I was greeted by happy poll workers and helpful volunteers ready to answer any questions I might have. They confirmed my registration, checking the spelling of my name and address. After that, the only question left was, did I want to vote electronically or cast a paper ballot? I filled out my paper ballot and fed it into the voting machine. “Don’t forget your sticker!” a poll worker said, handing me the very recognizable ‘I voted’ sticker with a smile, which I will wear with pride all day long. 

Why I’m an early voter

Taking advantage of early voting is such a great way to ensure that your voice is heard. This year, 37 states plus the District of Columbia offer some form of early voting, including mail-in ballots. It’s a great way for more voters to participate in our election. 

Many would-be voters have important responsibilities that keep them from the polls on Election Day, such as taking care of loved ones or working multiple jobs. We should be expanding early voting to provide more flexibility for the way Americans live today.

I love early voting. I’m proud that I’ve already voted in this year’s election and I’m encouraging my friends and family to do the same.

If more people took advantage of early voting where it’s available, there would be shorter lines at the polls on Election Day. You can check if early voting is an option where you live by going to While you’re on the site, I hope you’ll check out your sample ballot and read about the issues and candidates that you’ll be asked to vote on this year.

Our democracy is strongest when everyone’s voice is heard. However you plan to vote this year, the League encourages all eligible voters to participate. If you can’t take advantage of early voting like I did, mark your calendar for Election Day, November 6th. 

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