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ABC News: Gerrymandering district maps to be updated and redrawn by 2021

Transcript for Gerrymandering district maps to be updated and redrawn by 2021

Next to a major effort under way right now aimed a changing it how we elect our representatives to state houses and to congress in the coming elections to fight. Over maps like this one you've probably seen them before take a look here is they put it up. Heavily gerrymandered. Congressional districts drawn by partisans they look like these squeak leave little messes that. May not make any sense in fact some of the district's if you follow this closely in your politics want you know. That these these have been mocked openly on social media there's even a font now for gerrymandered districts. It's called Jerry apparently we haven't tried to storm named to that yet but take a look those are actually real congressional districts in the shape. Of letters critics of course say that this can be highly discriminatory to draw maps this way also unconstitutional in some cases. And now there's a nationwide effort under way ahead of the next redistricting effort in 20/20 one. To make these maps more fair and I'm joined now. About Virginia case she's leading the charge in this effort she's the CEO of the lead for women voters which is one of the largest and oldest. Nonpartisan voter advocacy groups in the United States great to have you here. Think he's so you say to you guys just made in major announcement this morning on ABC news live. Tell us about what you don't so we are launching a national redistricting campaign to fight against year in pandering. Our organization is almost a hundred years old were born out of the suffrage movement and this is a full circle for us we were protecting people having the right to vote back then. And fighting for people to have the right to vote and now today we're doing the same thing by making sure that we have. Fair Matt and theater district so everybody's vote count. The significant undertaking you have talked about it being a multi million dollar multi state effort. Over many years putting a half a million dollar down payment significant for your organization used to your term history this is unprecedented. For the League of Women Voters which some people think of as little ladies that register people to vote. Yet and so the thing that's really important for us is that we are putting our money where our mouth is we're not just talking about gerrymandering in wanting to have fair maps. We're making a significant investments we're putting half a million dollars in upfront. It is going to be a multi million dollar multiyear campaign. In all fifty states and the District of Columbia because we think that it's important that every state has a role in helping to make sure that we have fair maps so that every person's. Vote counts that took a step back for second and talk about the scope of the problem. Before the show we were mentioning a lot of voters have a hard time putting their minds around. Gerrymandering or redistricting. You know it's been a it's a political process to draw maps since the country was founded. Arm but how has it gotten to to this point where it actually can box people out to develop locks. It's been an issue the difference now I think is that is so pervasive and so egregious we've seen states where there literally carving out. Shoes and tiny quarters to make sure that the party who is in a position of power at that time. Is making sure that they are holding on to their constituents so instead of people electing their elected officials their representatives lower fining us that those representatives are elected. There are choosing who their who would elect with their constituents if you're making clear this happens on both sides your organization is nonpartisan new position you're taking our number other efforts out there. On this front Democrats Republicans for their own advantage that you're making clear this process from an objective point of view is simply out of whack. Actually it's not about left and re it's about right and wrong. We want to make sure that everybody realizes that both parties today this is no big secret everybody knows but it happens. But it's about making sure that we're putting power back in the hands of the American people in that putting power back in the hands of the voters. And so that's why this is such. Should significant projects in a nutshell how do you actually how do you do this the Supreme Court is you know back in June took a step back from the said look. We don't think that's in this gerrymandering is actually okay it looks pretty anti democratic but it's not our job to police the system that's for use on opening. So what sorts of things are on the table that you guys are trying to accomplish. So the foundation of this campaign really is a civic engagement and community education campaign. We are grassroots organization we have over 750 leagues in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. And or almost 400000. Members and activists. So strong Bates the base of grassroots leaders who are ready to tackle this project. As a critical out of their communities they're gonna work with people in their communities to talk about the issue of why I just redistricting it's important to them. And never gonna build upon that some states have constitutional provisions like what we heard. I'm yesterday in north assignment yet just this week and in Pennsylvania. And then other states they're of state legislative fix is to make sure that there are transparent practices that people actually know what the redistricting process Harris. Donors are very interest an example of an independent commission of people that do the dry and not the legislators sort of take it out it's an interest in model that you're seeking to replicate some states to. It's states in states like California who have already done that as well and they're actually watching their independent redistricting commissions and their citizen driven commissions. That are making sure that the maps are being drawn according to the people to the voters not just to the political part plus crush on a ask you Virginia is. How do you determine a fair standard on the Supreme Court talked a lot about this we see a lot of Parsons and on social media same lesson. It is inherently political to draw maps no one can say what's fair or not it simply politics is is there a way to set a standard. Where you can objectively say. You know this is this is how to do it in a fairway. There is and there are few different ways you can do it but most importantly is making sure that the actual voters are in Bob's in the map making transparencies. Transparency at the Benny beginning of the day and at the end of the day the most important thing that they voters want to know is that they were treated fairly and that their vote is counted so by making sure that there's a transparent process for citizens. And voters during keys in trying those maps then you get swifter. Content is great to have you here with us great to have the announcement first and ABC news live thanks for coming to Virginia case the CEO of the League of Women Voters a big effort that will continue to follow. Here on ABC news live as we head into the 23 cents us in the twice when he redistricting hook everybody thank you summer thanks so much Virginia.
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