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League of Women Voters helps Missoula College students access voting information

This news segment originally aired on KPAX

School board elections are just around the corner in May and Montana's primary election is in June.

It's important to read up on the candidates' views, especially for young and new voters.

The Missoula League of Women Voters visited Missoula College on Thursday, April 25, 2024, to provide voter information and registration forms.

The organization has also developed a nationwide website called Vote 411 which can help people find polling places, see who's on the ballot, and much more.

"[Vote 411] actually went live in 2006, but this is Montana's first year with it," Missoula League of Women Voters board member Frankie Feinstein shared.

"We reach out to the candidates all over the country. There are volunteers that send out questionnaires to candidates and the candidate can answer these questions in their own words directly. There's no editing done," she added.

With an ever-increasing amount of political media online, the Missoula League of Women Voters says they want to give young adults the easiest way to the information they need.

“We've also been talking to students about the influx of information that everybody seems to be bombarded with. What we're really happy to do as the League, is [to] provide...resources for just unbiased information so that people can not get or they can get away from all that noise," Feinstein detailed. "If young people want to have a voice in their future, they should help determine who is gonna set the policies for that future."

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