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League of Women Voters of NC releases video to fight election misinformation

This story was originally published in The Daily Reflector.

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina has released a video to explain how votes are counted and election results are certified to help voters better understand the post-election process.

The nonpartisan group reports the YouTube video is designed to “help citizens feel confident in the election process and to counter messaging that causes voters to doubt the integrity of the elections process.”

The video explains everything from the ways ballots cast before Election Day are processed and the post-election canvass process — the checking and finalizing of election results — to the safeguards in place to prevent double voting.

The video also covers the tools such as BallotTrax used by the N.C. State Board of Elections so that voters can track their ballot, a news release from the organization said.

The League, whose mission includes helping expand voter understanding and participation in government, said it wanted to cover the topics in a video because it believes “the best protection for any election system is the vigilance and participation of voters.”

“Election disinformation and misinformation are taking root,” said Marian Lewin, first vice president of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina. “This cynicism and distrust are forms of voter suppression. Democracy simply cannot function in the absence of voter confidence. The truth is: Many safeguards are in place to ensure that voters’ voices are heard, and that our elections are free and fair. It’s important that voters are aware of the lengths our election workers go to in order to protect the integrity of our elections.”

The League said it’s partnering with community groups to share the video ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8. To watch the video, go to

To schedule a showing of the video, contact Sue Engelhardt, president of the League of Women Voters of Northeastern North Carolina, at 703-303-6682.

Watch LWVNC's video below: