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Slam Dunk! Bucks' Rim Rockers and Bango encourage young people to register to vote

This story was originally published by WTMJ-TV.

The energy was high and the game plan was simple — get hundreds of young people to vote! A total slam dunk.

"It was cool, it was cool," said Quailon Jackson, Senior at Bayview High School.

Bayview students, Bango and the Bucks Rim Rockers were a triple threat Thursday morning.

"We’re here at Bayview High School today for a new fun program that we’re doing throughout the season," said Arvind Gopalratnam, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility. "It’s election year in Wisconsin and we want our community to understand how fun it is to go out and vote."

But the Bucks crew didn't do it alone — the real MVP's of the day were the volunteers with the League of Women Voters who assisted dozens of students eager to become registered voters.

"We are just so excited to help high school students get registered to vote and they get so excited when they realize they can do it in five minutes," said Judy Winn with the League of Women Voters.

The Bucks plan to stop by several schools during the season to make sure students can play their part in the upcoming election.

"Me and my mom have been having talks, me and my girlfriend and stuff, we’ve all been talking about how I should [vote] and how important it is because you also want to have a say, like everybody else has a say," said Jackson. "Every vote counts, everything counts."