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League: New Ozone Pollution Standard Good Step, Not Good Enough

Washington, DC – The League of Women Voters of the United States released the following statement from president Elisabeth MacNamara, regarding the Obama Administration’s new rule regulating ozone smog pollution. 

“The announcement of a new standard for ozone pollution from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was welcome news to the millions of Americans that have been waiting for action for several years now. The science was almost irrefutable that the standard we’ve been living with of 75 ppb was outdated and did not protect the public’s health.

“While this action was long in coming and good news that the standard sets a lower ozone level down to 70 ppb, it isn’t as far as science tells us it needs to be to fully protect the most vulnerable members of society: children, people with asthma and other lung diseases, and older Americans.

“This is disappointing and a further call to action for regulation of ozone pollution that puts American’s health first and foremost.”


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