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League Statement on Testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Press Release / Last Updated:

Washington, DC – The League of Women Voters President Chris Carson issued the following statement in response to the testimony of Dr. Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

“For far too long, American women and girls have been told to keep quiet after enduring violence and sexual assault. In 2018, the time has come to stop telling women to sit down and shut up.

“Today, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s voice was heard.

“Survivors of sexual assault rarely have the opportunity to confront their attackers, and even fewer women have to do so with the whole world watching. Instead, they suffer silently. But today a brave woman broke that silence. She took action to protect future generations of women and girls whose everyday lives will be shaped by decisions of the next Supreme Court Justice.

“Her courage can also help a future generation of young men. It’s never too early in someone’s life to learn that all people are entitled to the same dignity and respect, and that there exists no privilege that entitles someone to take that away from any other person.

“We believe her, and the League supports a full FBI investigation of these claims, which must be done given these circumstances. This is the absolute least that can be done before the Senate votes on a lifetime appointment to our highest court. This is about equity and transparency, and nothing less.

“Across this country, we are seeing a movement of women speaking up and America is listening. We will no longer let our voices be silenced to protect the same entrenched power that has worked to disenfranchise women, communities of color, and other disadvantaged populations throughout the course of our country’s history.

“Women will not be silenced a moment longer. We must do more than speak out. We have the power to change the system with our votes. We need to exercise that power on Election Day. And I believe we will.”

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