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LWV Responds to Supreme Court Gutting Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Press Release / Last Updated:

WASHINGTON — Today, League of Women Voters of the United States President Dr. Deborah Turner issued the following statement after the Supreme Court struck down race-conscious admissions policies at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina, severely limiting how institutions of higher education can consider race in admissions decisions. 

“For far too long, Black students and other students of color have been excluded and underrepresented within our higher education system. Today’s Supreme Court ruling reverses the decades-long precedent that upholds the constitutionality of higher education institutions considering the whole person, including race, in admission decisions. A student body that is reflective of our society — one that includes more representation of people of color within systems, structures, and institutions — benefits all students and society as a whole. Today’s devastating ruling will lead to less racially diverse student bodies, further disenfranchise people of color, and harm our democracy.”  

Read more about this case on LWV's Legal Center.


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