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SOTU: Disappointed that President Obama Failed to Call for Bold Action on Voting Rights

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President's Address Sets "Strong Course for Nation" on Climate, Immigration and Gun Safety

Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Elisabeth MacNamara, President of the League of Women Voters of the United States: “The President tonight set a strong course for the nation in committing to common sense steps to limit gun violence through background checks, limits on high-capacity magazines and taking weapons of war off our streets.

“President Obama also made clear that immigration reform must include a path to citizenship. The League believes this is the essential element in immigration reform and we applaud his commitment.

“On climate change, the League strongly supports action by the President to curb industrial carbon pollution from new and existing power plants and so we were heartened when the President promised to take executive action if the Congress does not move quickly to address this incredible problem.

“With these positive elements, we were thus surprised and disappointed that the President did not suggest bold action to ensure that every American citizen can exercise the right to vote. Setting up a commission is not a bold step; it is business as usual. The President could have done much better by pointing to real solutions like that in legislation already introduced on Capitol Hill to require early voting, set limits on waiting times, provide for portable voter registration and set up secure online voter registration.”

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