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Voter Guides

“The League of Women Voters of the Midland Area has launched an online voters' guide at to offer local voters ‘one-stop shopping’ information for the Aug. 7 primary.”

“The Dearborn [MI] branch of LWV hopes to keep local voters education with candidate, polling location, and voting information.”

“The League of Women Voters is offering an online voters' guide: This website provides information on all the candidates on the [WA] August 7th Primary.”

“To save money, the state is no longer mailing out voters' pamphlets, and the League of Women Voters of Washington is stepping in to help fill the information gap.”

“As campaign season gears up at the national, state and local levels, the League of Women Voters, including the Holland [MI] area league, has developed a website that will allow voters to make choices before voting based on information it has obtained from the candidates.”

“To determine your District and which candidates are on your ballot, please visit the League of Women Voter®'s website...”

Online Voting Guide (News Clips)

“The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa has released its nonpartisan guide to the upcoming state and federal primary elections.”

“The League of Women Voters works on principles of equality and respect, and [is] determine[d] to educate voters based on facts. We face an immense election cycle now and will be applying nonpartisan efforts to ask questions of each candidate that direct voters to real issues at hand.”

“On Friday, the League of Women Voters will introduce a new online Voters Guide for the upcoming primary election. It will be available at VOTE411, a website originally developed by the national LWV.”

“There is a new cost-free online superstore for Oregon voters seeking ballot information. The League of Women Voters has launched a comprehensive online non-partisan Election Guide throughout the state.”