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Voter Guides

Halloween is right around the corner, but there’s something scarier than ghosts – not being ready for Election Day! Luckily, can help answer your questions about the upcoming elections.

On Election Day - Tuesday, November 4 - voters across the country will head to the polls to cast their votes in thousands of local, state and federal elections. Now is the time to start thinking about how and when you’ll vote.

The entire House of Representatives and dozens of US Senate and Governor’s races will be decided by voters on Election Day. Attending or watching a candidate debate is one of the best ways to prepare for casting your ballot!

I'm the mother of two small children, and while my children are too small to understand the issues on the ballot or being discussed in the government meetings we attend, I am teaching them everyday lessons they can carry with them.

This Election Day, millions of Americans across the country will head to the polls to cast a vote. Attending a candidate debate is one of the best ways voters can prepare for the polls. But how can viewers get the most out of the experience?

"I thank the League of Women Voters of Utah for an informative website,, especially its Voters Guide."

"The Texas League of Women Voters’ “Vote411″ app lets you plug in your address and see which races will appear on your ballot. That could come in especially handy this year when just about everything has changed due to redistricting. Visit Vote411 here

Your Vote Counts (News Clips)

" was started in 2006 on a National level through the League of Women Voters. ... The local chapter of the League of Women Voters [Binghamton, NY] used the website as a trial run last year, putting it into strong action this year with a high profile election season.

"While you’re on the Internet, check out the League of Women Voters website At this site you can find out your congressional and state House and Senate districts, read candidates’ answers to questions, and build your own ballot to help in filling out the official one."

"For many years, the ultimate source of election information in our area has been the League of Women Voters and its comprehensive voter guides. While not abandoning its printed guide...the League this year is putting its resources into making its election information available online, through a website called If you’re that conscientious voter, we suggest you take a look.