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National Volunteer Week: A New Generation of Volunteers

The LWVUS Young People’s Taskforce (YPTF) was created in 2012 with the mission to seek ways to increase the League’s next generation of League members. Since then, the volunteer members of the YPTF have spent countless hours researching the ways that young people spend their volunteer time, preparing a toolkit to help Leagues reach out to new generations of leaders and sharing their findings with Leagues. 

I have been especially privileged to have an opportunity to work closely with the YPTF Co-chairs, Melissa Currence and Amy Hjerstedt. Not only do they work as leaders in their own local Leagues, but they have chosen to take on this additional project and their work has been truly inspiring.

This spring has been especially exciting as the Young People's Task Force has been preparing to pass the torch to the next team of young leaders. The new leaders will have the opportunity to work with our national Board of Directors and be tasked to develop a plan for attracting new, young leaders to the League in the coming biennium. It’s a big job, but I am confident that we are assembling a volunteer team that is fully prepared to take on the challenge.

National Volunteer week has given me a chance to step back and truly admire the work that this new group of young leaders has done for the League and, in turn, for democracy. The League is working hard to engage Americans of all ages not just as informed voters, but as energetic and effective volunteers. I am proud to work with the Young People’s Taskforce and I look forward to continuing their great work.