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Where is the For the People Act Now?

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On June 23, the Senate was unable to get past the 60-vote threshold needed to begin debate and consideration of the For the People Act. Since the vote, grassroots advocates around the country have held hundreds of events in support of this legislation. Everything from candlelight vigils honoring Congressman John Lewis, call-in days, honk and waves at senate offices, trainings, and more! These actions promote passing comprehensive legislation to protect our democracy and fight back against efforts to suppress voters. 

The US Senate is currently focused on passing an infrastructure package and a budget resolution to fund the government. After these priorities are finalized, they can turn back to work around our democracy. This means the For the People Act is still alive in the Senate!

What Comes Next 

We must have the For the People Act come up to the floor for a vote before the August recess. In particular, redistricting provisions in this bill need to be implemented before states begin drawing the lines for congressional and state legislative maps. With the Census Bureau releasing data on August 16 that states will use to start drawing these lines, it is imperative that provisions are in place to prevent partisan gerrymandering. 

This week and next, organizations around the country will be calling on the US Senate to stay in Washington, DC and pass the For the People Act before they go home. Recess can wait, but our democracy cannot. Congress must continue its most important work: defending the voting rights of the American people.  

The Black, brown, female, and disabled communities are being targeted by anti-voter bills around the country. And these communities are begging Congress and the President to stand up for our rights and do their job. Democracy isn’t something you wait for; it’s something you fight for. Now.  

Take Action

There is more work to be done to shore up support for this legislation and ensure it is brought to the floor before the next Senate recess. We must continue to pressure Senators to move forward with this legislation. We cannot wait to protect our democracy.  

The League will be sharing information about how to get involved in the coming weeks. Join OutreachCircle or follow us on social media for all of the details on how you can get involved! And use our action alert to contact your senators today and tell them we need the For the People Act

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