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Educating Voters

We host hundreds of events and programs every year to educate voters about candidates in thousands of federal, state and local races, as well as distribute millions of educational materials about state and local elections. 

Why it matters

The leaders we elect make decisions that affect our daily lives. Elections are our chance to stand up for what matters most to us and to have an impact on the issues that affect us, our communities, our families and our future. 

What we're doing

We host hundreds of candidate debates and forums across the country each year and provide straightforward information about candidates and ballot issues. Through print and online resources, including, we equip voters with essential information about the election process in each state, including polling place hours and locations, ballot information, early or absentee voting rules, voter registration deadlines, ID requirements and more. 

Featured Content

Educating Voters In Depth

Congratulate the graduates you know on their achievement and encourage them to register to vote with our eCard.

Help us celebrate 22 years of improved voter registration – take our short quiz on the National Voter Registration Act.

On May 20, 1993, I sat with current and former LWVUS presidents and lobbyists and watched President Bill Clinton as he signed the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) into law. The legislation, also known as Motor Voter, was the second bill that President Clinton signed after taking office and a significant victory for the League of Women Voters.

Over 26 states have, or will soon have, online voter registration. The proposed online voter registration bills in Florida and Texas would provide thousands of citizens the ability to easily register to take part in our democracy.

We must teach our children that democracy is not a spectator sport. Advocacy and voting aren't additional chores for our lists, they're extensions of all the things we already care about.

Mother's Day is the day to honor all of the moms who balance motherhood with being an active citizen, therefore ensuring our kids – and our communities – have the tools they need to be smart voters and active participants in our democracy.

Watch our new video, which outlines five ways to improve our elections.

For the third time in four years, certain legislators in Georgia attacked early voting. This time the attack came as a wolf in sheep’s clothing that proclaimed to mandate Sunday voting opportunities, yet reduced the overall days available for voters to cast their ballot early.

Here at the League of Women Voters of the United States, this is a time to reflect on the brave volunteers who fought for women’s access to the vote—and through doing so, first formed the League of Women Voters 95 years ago.

Last week, I sat with our national president, Elisabeth MacNamara as she connected state League presidents on conference calls to share their experiences with their state’s legislatures.