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Educating Voters

We host hundreds of events and programs every year to educate voters about candidates in thousands of federal, state and local races, as well as distribute millions of educational materials about state and local elections. 

Why it matters

The leaders we elect make decisions that affect our daily lives. Elections are our chance to stand up for what matters most to us and to have an impact on the issues that affect us, our communities, our families and our future. 

What we're doing

We host hundreds of candidate debates and forums across the country each year and provide straightforward information about candidates and ballot issues. Through print and online resources, including, we equip voters with essential information about the election process in each state, including polling place hours and locations, ballot information, early or absentee voting rules, voter registration deadlines, ID requirements and more. 

Featured Content

Educating Voters In Depth

Our democracy’s future is on the line. Support our democracy and use the power of your vote – take control by voting in this important election and bring your family and neighbors with you to the polls.

In Virginia, voter photo ID will be required for the first time and as many as 200,000 eligible voters may not have the requisite ID.

In Austin, Dallas and San Antonio where I visited last week, election officials are taking a professional approach to training their poll workers and their staff in preparation for early voting and Election Day.

The League was happy to participate in Voto Latino’s Power Summit, which brought together hundreds of emerging Latino leaders for a day of learning, sharing and honest conversations about the role of young Latinos in the future of civic engagement in America.

Now is the time to start thinking about how and when you’ll vote. In addition to getting ready to vote as you have in years past, voters in many states may also need to show voter identification in order to cast a ballot.

Election Day is just around the corner! Regardless of where you live, has the information that you need to make your vote count this Election Day. did more than just help me register to vote. It also gave me the information I needed to vote for the very first time this Election Day.

In this election so much is at stake. Here in Georgia, as in so many states, every statewide office is on the ballot and for the first time in over a decade, the race for Governor is up for grabs.

On Election Day - Tuesday, November 4 - voters across the country will head to the polls to cast their votes in thousands of local, state and federal elections. Now is the time to start thinking about how and when you’ll vote.

Since 2011, Wisconsin has been one of the battlegrounds for those fighting to protect voting rights. I had the privilege of visiting Wisconsin this past weekend to do my part to help protect and educate Wisconsin voters.