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Educating Voters

We host hundreds of events and programs every year to educate voters about candidates in thousands of federal, state and local races, as well as distribute millions of educational materials about state and local elections. 

Why it matters

The leaders we elect make decisions that affect our daily lives. Elections are our chance to stand up for what matters most to us and to have an impact on the issues that affect us, our communities, our families and our future. 

What we're doing

We host hundreds of candidate debates and forums across the country each year and provide straightforward information about candidates and ballot issues. Through print and online resources, including, we equip voters with essential information about the election process in each state, including polling place hours and locations, ballot information, early or absentee voting rules, voter registration deadlines, ID requirements and more. 

Featured Content

Educating Voters In Depth

The League once again calls on the President and the nation's new elections commission to make bold changes to make elections free, fair and accessible.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This blog post was originally posted on the Huffington Post.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), we’re joining with Project Vote and other voting rights advocates for a tweet chat!

A decision against the NVRA, which streamlined the many state laws that hindered citizen-led registration drives, would leave the mission of the League of Women Voters in jeopardy and make the voter registration process vulnerable to new forms of political manipulation.