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LWV Of Palos-Orland

Community Leaders

Elaine Savage, Co-President
Sheryl Szot Gallaher, Co-President
Joan Klarich, Vice President
Gayle Greenwald, Membership Chair

League ID



(708) 204-1473

Stories from Around the State

The U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee continues to explore the proposal of a question related to citizenship on the 2020 Census.

Interested in planning a nonpartisan voter registration drive?

The League of Women Voters has some expert tips!

In 2017 more than one million voters counted on the League to provide valuable information about the elections in their communities. 

The Supreme Court case of Gill v. Whitford challenges partisan redistricting in Wisconsin and could have implications for redistricting nationwide.

In November, millions of Americans spent hours waiting in long lines in order to exercise their right to vote. One solution? Implement better early voting laws. Leagues in Florida and New York are showing us how it's done.