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News Clips

 “Members of The League of Women Voters of St. Mary’s County, of which [Katie] Werner is vice president, were out looking for people...last week, as they staffed voter registration tables at three buildings at CSM’s Leonardtown campus... The effort was fruitful, with the league walking away with 71 new registrations after the two days of work.”

 “Over the opposition of voter reform groups, a state Senate committee on Tuesday embraced legislation requiring voters to show a picture ID at the polls ... Critics ranging from the League of Women Voters and the Civil Liberties Union to the state chapter of the Public Interest Research Group maintained the requirement is unnecessary and will discourage some people from voting..”

 “A broad coalition of groups is battling a measure ... requiring Nebraska voters to show identification before casting ballots. Members of the coalition packed the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday to protest in advance of first-round debate on the measure ... Larry Dix, executive director of the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO), said the bill is not needed.”

 “The League of Women Voters of Florida, with four lawsuits now in place against the actions of state legislators, prepped members at the Governors Club in Tallahassee Tuesday night, with a demonstration planned at the Capitol on Wednesday.”

 “With about a week to go until the Feb. 29 oral arguments before the Florida Supreme Court over the state's plan for legislative redistricting, justices are already fighting about how far the court can go in reviewing the new maps ... voting-rights groups – including the League of Women Voters, the National Council of La Raza and Common Cause Florida – contend that the lawmakers violated the anti-gerrymandering Fair Districts provisions in the constitution...”

 “Wisconsin's new voter ID law is causing a lot of confusion. The rules regarding the voting process, voter registration and absentee voting have changed. When you add redistricting to the mix, things get downright chaotic. The Appleton League of Women Voters can help. Shirley Strange, president of the Appleton chapter, and Irene Strohbeen, the local director of voter services, discussed the issues Thursday in a Newsmakers interview at”

“The Midland League of Women Voters met this week to hear a presentation about reforming the redistricting process in Michigan.”

“This bill smacks of an effort by some state lawmakers to avoid answering how they came up with strong Republican congressional districts in areas where the number of GOP voters has declined ... The Florida League of Women Voters says the proposed law “takes the smoke-filled rooms of state government and puts a clear billboard across the door: ‘Citizens May Not Enter.’”

“Opponents of the plan to require voters to submit a photo ID at the polls say they worry that it would eliminate election-day registration, which has helped drive up the state's [MN] voter turnout.”

 “'Such legislation would essentially legislate groups that sign up new voters through registration drives, like the League of Women Voters of South Carolina, out of existence’, said [SC] League president Barbara Zia.”