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News Clips

“Condos says that in Vermont, he'll be working with the League of Women Voters and other groups to encourage registration and voting.”

“As Primary Election ballots hit mailboxes, The League of Women Voters of Washington announced the launch of the nonpartisan election resource ... Nationally, the League of Women Voters has served tens of millions of voters, many of them young people and first-time voters, through this online service.”

"The League of Women Voters of South Bend [IN] will conduct a voter registration, but with a twist. It's for students who are taking summer government and economics classes at Adams High School."

“The first legal test for Pennsylvania’s tough new voter identification law began Wednesday, with state lawyers calling the measure a completely rational step, while opponents attacked it as an unnecessary, unjustified and partisan scheme that will deprive countless people of their right to vote.”

“The League of Women Voters of New Hampshire has produced two flyers explaining what voters will need to know to vote. ... ‘We’re concerned that people will believe that they can’t vote if they don’t have a photo ID. That is not the case, even with the new law,’ said Liz Tentarelli, co-president of the league’s state chapter.”

“A record number of 95 students at Montville and Boonton High Schools [NJ] received an extra civics lesson this March and June when they registered to vote at their schools.”

“Their rationale for their votes doesn't take into account the need to know who's influencing elections.”

“Sixty-year-old Wilola Lee of Philadelphia says she's voted in almost every presidential election since the '70s. ... But, in November, under the voter identification law passed in Pennsylvania, Lee may not be able to cast a ballot.”

“The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether Pennsylvania's new voter identification law discriminates against minorities, according to a letter released on Monday.”

"What we saw were issues that could lead to disenfranchisement," said Andrea Kaminski, executive director for Wisconsin's League of Women Voters.”