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"Florida can hold congressional elections under the Legislature's new redistricting map this year, a judge ruled Monday shortly after the Justice Department approved that plan as well as state House and Senate maps."

“Smackdown Your Vote! is a non-partisan effort supported by World Wrestling Entertainment, League of Women Voters, Rock the Vote, Project Vote Smart... Its purpose is to involve young people in the political process.”

“There is another side to the League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA) that residents may not be aware of. The United States League of Women Voters takes positions on environmental issues and actively advocates for policies and laws that reduce air pollution, improve water quality and promote the conservative and sustainable use of our county's natural resources.”

“There is a new cost-free online superstore for Oregon voters seeking ballot information. The League of Women Voters has launched a comprehensive online non-partisan Election Guide throughout the state.”

“Sixty students from 11 area high schools will come together at Monmouth Regional High School [NJ] on Friday to participate in the sixth annual “Running and Winning” workshop, a program designed to encourage them to become leaders in their communities and beyond. ... “Running and Winning” was initiated by the Greater Red Bank Area League of Women Voters (GRBA-LWV) in 2007.”

“Voter advocates have urged state lawmakers not to make any changes to Ohio's election law before November, including repealing the new law. "Why rush to repeal a bill that is not in effect?" Peg Rosenfield of Ohio's League of Women Voters asked the committee.”

“Maggie Duncan, Elections Program Manager...of the League of Women Voters said, “In 2008, young voters turned out in higher numbers than in the past. However, less than half of all 18 year olds were actually registered to vote during that election, and couldn’t participate.” ... While turning 18 does open a new chapter of one’s life, Duncan and the League of Women Voters want to change the perception that young people may have of voting.”

“In Wisconsin, new laws require licensing for anyone who registers someone else to vote, and the rules for licensing vary in the state's 1,800 municipalities. ... “That could mean a volunteer for a voting drive in a school district would have to take a course and get licensed in a dozen different municipalities in that one school district,” said Jeannette Senecal, director of elections for the League of Women Voters.”

  “The forum is sponsored by the League of Women Voters Duluth. They say the bill is unconstitutional and reduces the likelihood of people voting. However, the main goal of the forum is to educate the public. Gay Trachsel is the President Elect for the League of Women Voters Duluth. 'We thought it would be really important that people should know exactly what this constitutional amendment is all about and what it means...' she said.”

 “‘They're reducing the number of precincts and increasing the number of (voters) per precinct. And they're relying on the fact that people are relying on early voting, and at the same time they're reducing the number of hours. So voters are going to be caught in a Catch-22,’ said Jeanette Senecal of the non-partisan League of Women Voters, which has filed suit to block the law.”