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Advocates Raising Awareness on Voter Registration Day

This story was originally published by Public News Service.

Today is National Voter Registration Day, and advocates across New York and the nation are reminding people to check up on their registration status. Data from the Census Bureau shows that while voter registration was up 2% in the 2022 midterm election cycle, 30% of eligible Americans are still not registered to vote. With no national offices on the ballot this November, people may overlook voting in an off-year election.

Deb Liebman, director of voter services and vice president with the League of Women Voters, said state and local elections are also important.

"The Albany County Legislature is up for election and most of the towns [and] cities have local town boards, town supervisors," she explained. "People think the local elections don't get as much attention and press, but they're very important, especially to everybody's day-to-day existence."

The state registration deadline to vote in November's election is October 28th. To check registration status, find out how to register, and see what's on the ballot, visit vote

The League of Women voters was formed in 1920 and continues as a nonpartisan organization that advocates for voting and provides voters information about issues and candidates.

Margie McIntosh, president, League of Women Voters of Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties, said while the League takes positions on issues surrounding voting and voter access, it does not tell people who to vote for.

"We do not support or endorse or denigrate any candidate of any party for any office," she said. "We don't do it. "

Given the many items and candidates that can appear on a given ballot, McIntosh stresses the importance of voter education.

"I think it's important to know what you're voting for, or what you're voting against," she continued. "And that's all about education. The League of Women Voters is very much about education. "