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'Drag for Democracy' in SF shows LGBTQ+ community about power of voting

This story was originally aired by ABC 7.

The League of Women Voters of California Saturday honored several San Francisco leaders who are showing support for the LGBTQ+ community. They are reminding people about how voting can bring about change for the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups.

"Everything we do is driven by voting," said Stephanie Doute, the executive director of LWV of California. "When you get out and vote that is how you use your power to create this better world."

Saturday's event featured several of San Francisco's top drag performers. The message was about celebrating drag queens during a time when they feel marginalized.

This past week, the Los Angeles Dodgers disinvited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from their pride night in June. They say the group had "been the source of some controversy." The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are known for doing charity work throughout San Francisco and the rest of the state.

"We need to see more things like this where the community comes together and supports each other and sends a message to the world that drag is not a crime," said Sister Roma, a long-time member of the group. "I am looking at the silver lining. Following that announcement, we received an amazing outpouring of support from around the world. People who didn't who were were or what we did, do now."

Those at the event say in order to bring about change, people need to vote.

"We embrace diversity, we embrace the LGBTQ community," said State Sen. Scott Wiener, who was honored at the event. "Elections can sometimes be won and lost with just a few hundred or a few thousand votes. It's essential to our communities."

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