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League of Women Voters aims to get Nebraska women involved in government

This story originally aired on KLKN TV.

The League of Women’s Voters of Nebraska is preparing for a busy legislative session in 2023.

The League of Women’s Voters of Nebraska is preparing for a busy legislative session in 2023.

The league is comprised of around 400 members across the state who focus on bills that would affect Nebraska women.

Rachel Gibson, the vice president of action, said the group is gearing up for January, when topics like voter identification and reproductive healthcare are at the forefront.

“Helping folks feel comfortable, know what to do, how to get involved, it’s an integral part to focus on things that actually need to be addressed in our state,” Gibson said.

The nonpartisan group aims to get women to actively participate in state government.

Each legislative session, they research bills as they are introduced. They compare them with related policies in other states to be better educated.

Members and supporters will give testimony on bills they feel strongly about.

Gibson said the unicameral legislature is a great benefit to the group.

“I think in the setup we have, it really allows that public voice to come in in a way that would be harder to break into in other states,” she said. “We also have some incredible legislators that are very supportive of all of the issues that the League of Women’s Voters focuses on.”

Gibson said they already have a list of bills to keep an eye on in 2023.

She said they try to get as many opinions as possible when they decide what policies to support.

Gibson said the league will advocate for voting accessibility and for women to be able to make the best reproductive decisions with their health care provider.

Another thing on their radar is public schooling.

“Public schools is another piece we’re really focusing on because we have such a wonderful foundation,” Gibson said. “For 90% of our K-12 students to continue to have access to state funded, accessible, community-based education is really important to us.”