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League of Women Voters Prepare for Election Day in Oklahoma

This story originally aired on News on 6.

The League of Women Voters said approximately 70% of Oklahomans who are eligible to vote are registered, but they also said a small fraction of that number cast ballots on Election Day.

Oklahomans have until Oct. 24 to request an absentee ballot, and they need to return it by Nov. 8.

Stephanie Henson, who has worked with the LWV since 2018, said the league is working to make sure every Oklahoman is ready to participate in the voting process.

“We are actually even doing door knocking for democracy and there is an organization with whom we work,” Henson said. “‘Let's fix this. Clean up Oklahoma.’”

The nonpartisan group has published voter guides that you can find online and at your local libraries.

"Oklahoma voter portal, Ballotpedia,” Henson said. “There are a lot of great resources, digital resources. We also have ‘VOTE411.’ So many of the candidates have social media now and different ways to research and learn.”

Another option is to hear from candidates during debates.

The organization said every single vote makes a difference.

"We want folks to know their vote matters and it counts, and so, we are just encouraging civic engagement, education, getting to know your candidates. We just want to help in any way possible.”  

Several Oklahoma County candidates will be available for a meet and greet at the Mercy Mission Building Oct. 25 between 6-8 p.m.

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This story originally aired on News on 6. Click on the video below to watch the original new segment: