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League of Women Voters of North Carolina Responds to State Supreme Court Redistricting Decision

Press Release / Last Updated:

RALEIGH — Today the League of Women Voters of North Carolina President Jo Nicholas released the following statement after the North Carolina Supreme Court took unprecedented action and reversed its prior ruling that North Carolina’s congressional and state legislative maps were unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders under the state Constitution:

“Today’s decision from the North Carolina Supreme Court opens the floodgates for unchecked partisan gerrymandering in our state for decades to come. Combined with the US Supreme Court’s 2019 decision in Rucho, today’s ruling weakens vital checks and balances, leaving no options for North Carolinians to challenge unconstitutionally partisan district maps in courts of law. This shameful decision means that politicians in North Carolina now have the ultimate power to choose their voters rather than voters choosing their representatives.

"Additionally, the North Carolina Supreme Court overturned a ruling that made it easier for people with past felony convictions to vote and overturned a decision that will clear the way for photo ID to be required in the future. These are all assaults on our democracy and burden the fundamental right to vote.” 


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