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League of Women Voters Thanks President Biden for Directing Senate to End Filibuster

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WASHINGTON — Today, the League of Women Voters of the United States CEO Virginia Kase Solomón issued the following statement in response to President Biden and Vice President Harris’s speech at the Atlanta University Center Consortium. Virginia was honored to attend the event on behalf of the League of Women Voters. 

“Today we heard the President issue a bold call to end the Senate filibuster rule, which has blocked progress for the American people for far too long. The League of Women Voters thanks the Biden administration for heeding the months-long call from activists to take a strong stance against the filibuster for voting rights. 

“In his speech, the President forcefully called out those who would obstruct democracy, rightly laying the onus of democracy protection on the US Senate. State legislatures across the country have passed anti-voter bills with a simple majority, while the President noted that the US Senate requires a supermajority to pass voting rights protections. 

“We commend the President for acknowledging the legacies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Congressman John Lewis, asserting that we must ‘translate eulogy into action.’ The Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act will protect and expand the freedom to vote, especially for Black and brown Americans, who are disproportionately targeted by state anti-voter laws. The Senate would sully the legacy of Dr. King and Congressman Lewis by invoking their names without passing these bills. 

“Finally, the League of Women Voters thanks the thousands of activists who joined together, calling on the White House and the Senate to protect our freedom to vote. Thousands of phone calls, letters, protests, and even arrests galvanized the President’s commitment today. 

“The League will continue our pressure on the US Senate and the Biden Administration to get federal voting rights legislation across the finish line.  

“After today’s speech, we are confident in the power of the President’s directive to the US Senate that nothing must stand in the way of voting rights for the American people.” 


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